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  What is Fleet Management? Why Outsource? Why SPANCO?

SPANCO Malaysia's Leading Fleet Management Company


SPANCO has been in the business of delivering total fleet management solutions for over 20 years. Our current fleet consists of more than 10,000 vehicles and caters to the needs of 34 ministries and government agencies across the country.


A BRIEF HISTORY: Public sector efficiencies, in particular the need for more efficient cost management became the Government's prime focus some three decades ago. As a result of this in the late 1980s, the Government recognised that privatisation and by default, outsourcing of non-core activities, was crucial for the growth and development of the nation.

With this came the onus to create higher service levels, for which close cooperation with the private sector was necessary as both are mutually responsible in achieving the aspirations of the nation.

SETTING UP OF SPANCO: SPANCO is a good example of how professional private organisations with specialised skills are used to manage the Government's non-core activities more efficiently so higher service levels can be achieved.

Through outsourcing, SPANCO manages the Government's fleet of saloon cars, and the Government is relieved of this non-core operational activity.

SPANCO was incorporated on 16 August, 1988 and commenced operations on 1 January, 1994. Today SPANCO is the leading independent fleet management company in the country, with all the Federal Government ministries using SPANCO to provide and maintain their fleet of saloon cars.

SPANCO's success is in our expert control of maintenance and service costs.


CORE BUSINESS: SPANCO manages the supply and maintenance of our customers' fleet of vehicles. Clients are therefore relieved of huge upfront capital expenditure including administrative and manpower related hassles.

ACCREDITED SERVICE CENTRES: As a Professional Fleet Manager, vehicles are replaced at fixed replacement cycles, and regularly serviced and checked for optimum performance and road-handling. We have two regional service centres, supported by a network of over 200 Accredited Service Centres nationwide that ensure vehicles are kept on the road with minimum downtime.

We utilise a sophisticated and fully-integrated Fleet Management Information System that besides helping manage the fleet, delivers real-time information on vehicles. Developed internally, this system also provides our customers with up-to-date fleet reports.


IS09001:2008 CERTIFICATION: In our quest to attain the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency, SPANCO's main service centre, SPANCO SERVICES SDN BHD, successfully obtained the prestigious and internationally recognised IS09001:2008 certification for fleet repair and maintenance services. This certification confirms SPANCO's high standards. We also have access to international standards and practices and is a member of The Australasian Fleet Management Association. It is affiliations such as these that afford SPANCO the opportunity to continually review our systems, procedures and technology.

A Focused, Customer-Centric Structure...

SPANCO & the Government of Malaysia

Outsourcing, defined as the practice of contracting work to a third party, was identified by the Government as a way of increasing administrative efficiency.

FULFILLING THE GOVERNMENT'S NEEDS: One specific administrative duty of the Government's was the provision and maintenance of its fleet of saloon cars. The Government recognised that budgetary constraints led to an aged fleet that in turn affected timely replacement cycles, escalating maintenance costs, frequent breakdowns and poor serviceability of its vehicles.

SPANCO was given the responsibility to supply and maintain all the Federal Government's fleet of saloon cars effective 1 January 1994 for a period of 25 years. With this, the Government was able to address these issues while fulfilling the need to have a professionally managed fleet of saloon cars with high serviceability levels.

The Government has benefited in the following ways:

  • overcome budgetary constraints

  • cost-savings and reliable service

  • replacement of vehicles on pre-determined cycles

  • improved availability of vehicles (97%) and operational efficiencies through better maintenance programmes

  • a new and current fleet

  • revenue from sales of its existing aged fleet

  • dispensed with replacing aged vehicles

  • current fleet is less than 5 years old

  • no cost overruns

  • relief from managing fleet

  SPANCO has since transformed the fleet through the seamless application of our integrated fleet management solutions.  

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