Scope and Services

Scope & Services

SPANCO has over 20 years in commitment to the development and progression of fleet management operations and administration. Our investment into service care and a fully integrated Fleet Management Information System enables us to provide end-to-end fleet management services which includes:


  • Vehicle procurement on pre-determined replacement cycles
  • Vehicle licensing and road taxes
  • Puspakom inspection administration


  • Scheduled vehicle servicing and preventive maintenance
  • Stand-by and interim vehicle deployment
  • PartsĀ inventory management
  • Vehicle fit up, modification and customization services

Fleet Administration

  • Fleet card fuel management
  • Customized fleet analysis and report
  • Vehicle history databases
  • Traffic offence and summonses administration
  • Driver education and training
  • Fleet management strategy and consultancy
  • Fleet costing and financial reporting
  • Vehicle disposal management

Maintenance Controller

  • 24-hour accident and breakdown services
  • 24-hour vehicle towing
  • Service centre accreditation and performance assessment
  • Vehicle audit and assessment


  • Vehicle procurement on pre-determined replacement cycles
  • Vehicle licensing and road taxes

Leasing Charges

Our charges are defined into two categories to ensure no cost overruns to our clients.

  • Fixed Lease Rental On a Pre-determined Lease

    • Approved vehicle cost
    • Insurance premium for lease period
    • Financing cost
    • Fleet management cost

  • Fixed Repair and Maintenance Rate Over the Lease Period

    • Approved vehicle cost
    • Approved accessories cost
    • Elements of scheduled service maintenance such as engine oil, spark plugs, tyres, batteries, absorbers, brakes, etc.

Concession Vehicles

The Concession Vehicles supplied to the Eligible Users are based on the approved makes, models and categories respectively.

Our Promise To You

SPANCO is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. Our service advisors and foremen are certified by PROTON to ensure all jobs are performed to the required standards. In addition, we have successfully attained the internationally acclaimed ISO9001:2008 award and currently sit as a member of the Australian Fleet Management Association. These accreditations and affiliations facilitate a continuous effort for the improvement of our services, procedures and technology to serve you better.

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