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Nearly Three Decades of Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions

For a span of almost three decades, SPANCO has been steadfastly delivering a comprehensive suite of end-to-end fleet management services, encompassing the entire spectrum from supply, fleet administration, services, maintenance control, all the way to insurance. This tenure of nearly 30 years has been marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Presently, our services extend to encompass ministries, departments, and agencies operating under the Federal Government, thereby solidifying our nationwide footprint. A cornerstone of SPANCO’s operational philosophy resides in our value-centric approach that consistently augments our end-to-end fleet management offerings. This distinctive approach enhances the quality of our services, instilling assurance and value into every facet of our engagement.

With an adept workforce surpassing the count of 200 dedicated professionals, complemented by a pervasive network of over 427 accredited service centres spanning the nation and bolstered by two strategic regional service hubs, SPANCO’s operational prowess knows no bounds. This robust foundation empowers us to craft tailor-made fleet management solutions, meticulously tailored to meet the needs of clients spanning a diverse range of profiles.

Furthermore, our commitment to cutting-edge technologies is embodied through our utilisation of a sophisticated and fully integrated Fleet Management Information System. This state-of-the-art system plays a pivotal role in efficiently governing our expansive fleet, offering real-time insights into the status of each vehicle, and presenting our clients with meticulously curated, up-to-the-minute fleet reports. Our embrace of such technological innovation underscores our resolve to enhance transparency, efficiency, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

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